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Local wildlife

Our wildlife is at the forefront of our local attractions. On any given day we can see Gannetts diving for fish in the Harbour, Seals lazing on the shores of the nearby island, or swimming in the small secluded Cúis’, hundreds of Kittiwakes and Guillimots nesting and diving into the sea. Manx Shearwaters, Storm Petrels and the common Seagulls are always present. Dolphines are often seen, and when they are in the area they love to follow the boat and jump in our bow wave.

You will get to see our local seals on our amazing cruises, usually spotted relaxing on Beginish Island!

Cable station

transatlantic cable

“What happened here in Valentia was such an important contribution to the development of communications,” President Higgins said.

Another piece of history you will witness on our Valentia Island cruise. Over 150 years ago, the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable was laid between Valentia Island and Newfoundland, Canada, thereby reducing the time to communicate between the Old and New Worlds from weeks to minutes. The technology revolution had begun which had a profound effect on commerce around the globe.


valentia island seasports

Looking for some fun during your stay in the Skellig Coast?

Valentia Island Sea Sports is the place for Fun, Games and Adventure on the water.  From Kids Summer Camps, Daily Activities and Guided Kayak Tours – there’s something for everyone!


the watch house

The Watch House on the Seafront in Knightstown is the ideal location to fuel before your sea cruise, or relax in the evening after taking in our breathtaking views along the Wild Atlantic Way.
Coffees and cake by day, Seafood and wine by night.
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